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iTunes Naming = Unidentified Files

I'm using iTunes to manage a large collection of ripped TV shows. Unfortunately the naming structure does not seem to jive with RecordedTVHD. Here's what a file looks like:

"Z:\iTunes\TV Shows\Justified\Season 1\1-02 Riverbrook (HD)"

So the structure is:

iTunes\TV Shows\Show Name\Season S\S-EE Episode Name (if HD)

The files are stored as .mp4 or .m4v, and have all been tagged with a program called iDentify. This program works flawlessly on the Mac and provides all the right information to iTunes. No mater how I setup the file naming structure iTunes renames it as listed when managing the shows.

Please let me know how I can get these shows to identify without manually going through each of the hundreds of shows that are currently unidentified.