Use MediaBrowser Watched Status API for TV

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Use MediaBrowser Watched Status API for TV

I currently only use Recorded TV HD for TV, and leave movies for MediaBrowser 3.  MediaBrowser allows you to stream to tablets and phones as well as view in Windows Media Center.

The problem is when I watch a TV streamed episode outside on the patio...there is no easy way to mark a program as watched in Recorded TV automatically or even manually.

The ideal solution is to use MediaBrowser API for watched status (and ideally consume it's metadata instead of building your own redundant) so that watched status can stay in sync. MediaBrowser also allows you to easily mark episodes or whole series as watched.

The MediaBrowser community is slowly moving away from Windows Media Center for Recorded I felt your program would fit the ideal gap (and ideally more revenue) in the WMC ecosystem.

I do understand this is harder typed than implemented, so please just take it as a feature suggestion.