Unidentified Files Help Please!

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Unidentified Files Help Please!

I am very confused and running out of options things to try.

I have 3 shows that are not showing up no matter what I do:

-The Wire

All 3 have slightly different circumstances:

Justified shows up as a series, but it is only my direct recordings of FX.
The Wire doesn't show up at all in series override.
Homeland shows up (with no recordings) in series override.

I have concentrated on Homeland in my tests. Can someone check my work to see why these two files wouldn't show up? If they look good then has anyone solved this issue before? I would be willing to try any suggestions.

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Re: Unidentified Files Help Please!

MJT Software
That Homeland filename worked for me...

Here is the first thing you can try. In the Recorded TV HD settings interface under "Fix Identification Problems" and then under any of the first three options... highlight the Homeland series and then press the clear button on the remote or the delete key on the keyboard. Then wait 5-10 minutes and see if it identifies it properly.