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Two feature requests...

Hey Mark-

Not sure if either of these are possible:

#1 - A way for RTH to indicate when a new recording has been added to a favorite list. It would be great if this feature could be added to all favorite lists (possibly as a number indicator of unwatched recordings on the favorite list header), but I would especially love to see it on the "Unidentified" and "Non-favorite" lists. Or maybe just a popup message indicating there is an unidentified or non-favorite recording, similar to the popup that shows when the RTH service is not responding).
I realize there is the "Unwatched" list option, but because this congregates all unwatched recordings it is often too cluttered, and doesn't include "Non-Favorites" or "Unidentified" (to my knowledge). Or possibly including the option to sort the "unwatched" list by favorite?
As the only techie in my house, a feature like this would possibly help my wife and daughters find their recordings if they're not in the assigned list, or at the very least remind me to assure they make it to the correct list if necessary.

#2 - A way for RTH to recognize an .xml file as the source for Unidentifed file recognition. I know this probably goes against your intent of RTH, but I have come to love the RTH interface so much (partly because it is so easy for my family to use) that I would like to create favorite lists for my own home videos. Doing so now results in Unidentified files, with of course no way to get RTH to recognize them. Just getting RTH to recognize the Title and possibly a record or creation date would suffice.

Again, thanks for the great work you put into developing and supporting this app.