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Remote keypress Lockup....

RecordedTVHD plugin locks up, will not allow any remote control button to exit or operate the plugin.  You can still use the mouse, if you have one attached to your HTPC, to exit the plug in with the the "back arrow or Green Media icons".

I have had this happen multiple ways when I have used the "back" remote function to bring RecoredTVHD screen back up.

These Steps have reproduce it more than once:
1. Enter RecordedTVHD
2. Watch a recording from the category view (not sure if this matters)
3. Stop playing recording
4. Press "Recorded TV" button on remote
5. Watch same recording from "Recorded TV"
6. Complete playing recording (can skip to end if desired)
7. Delete Recording from dialog that pops up after recording ends
8. Press "back" twice to return to RecordedTVHD screen
9. Now try and press remote button to operate RecoredTVHD, if nothing work the lockup happened.
10. Use mouse to "press" green back arrow to get WMC remote to work again.

UPDATE: Inserted Step 6 "Delete Recording from dialog that pops up after recording ends"