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1)  In RTHD I would like a way to access the shows full meta data like you can do by pressing "more info" in the stock "Recorded TV" UI.  Is there a way for RTHD to have a button under it's current Synopsis to access the full "Program Details" of the stock UI?  Right now I have to start the show playing and then press "more info", then press "ok" on the program info screen.

Features I would like:
  Series info,
  Cancel series,
  Keep until,
  Synopsis (all the info here RTHD only has basic info),
  other showings,
  cast + crew

2)  When using the media center like appearance option, is there someway to have it use the same color scheme you are using in your WMC?  I use themes with WMC and like "black" instead of "light blue" colored back grounds.  If an option could be at least added to the configuration tool to select your back ground color that would be great.

3)  When using media center like appearance option with download and use back drops disabled, make the program info appear on top of the series selection screen.  Currently the synopsis screen is show on top of the WMC background.  This would be more like the stock WMC behavior.