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Press play once instead of select twice

When I'm using WMC 7 I usually browse to a show I want to watch & then press the play button on my remote instead of selecting the episode & then selecting the "play or resume" option in WMC 7.

This works fine in WMC 7, but it confuses Recorded TV HD. An example is when I have multiple episodes of a show & play an episode by just hitting play on the remote. The episode will play normally, but when it finishes & I delete it instead of going back to the remaining episodes for that show it goes back to the overview for the show I just deleted.

It's kind of a minor annoyance, but it would be nice if Recorded TV HD would operate the same if you "play" the episode or select the episode then select play.

Thanks for the great interface for WMC 7. I was just playing around with the stock WMC 7 recorded tv interface & my is it plain looking.