Play button at Episode Menu causes problems

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Play button at Episode Menu causes problems

Windows 7 SP1 with all current updates.
Version 1.9.5

If I select an episode from the episode list by pressing the "Play" button instead of selecting the episode, I get a huge delay (5 to 15 second on my system) before the episode starts playing, and once the episode has finished playing, I then have problems at exit.  If I tell the system to delete the episode, it will often show that the episode has NOT been delete (it has) and will allow me to delete it again.  If I just hit exit, nothing happens until I hit exit a second time.  In both cases, the system seems to return to the wrong place in the episode list.

Since hitting "play" is the standard way that I select an episode when I was using my Tivo, it what I normally do, so while this bug has a work around (always hit select until it starts playing), I only remember to do so 25% of the time, so I have this huge wait for the show to start, and then the problems once I stop.

This problem doesn't seem to happen if I hit "play" at the top level (only one episode), or once I'm at the actual episode screen, only when the list of episode is showing.