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Option to choose font size of List View

I use Recorded TV HD in List View (Black) with a List Width of 345px.  Having the List Width any wider covers up too much of the artwork/poster for me.

Usually, it's obvious what series is listed.  But what I'd like to have is the ability to choose the size of the font in the list.  That way, I can choose to see more of the title without widening the list.

Here's an example of what I'm seeing now:
America's G.. (4)
Arrested De.. (54)
The Big Ban.. (16)
The Civil Wa..(5)
Falling Ski.. (9)
Flashforwar.. (21)
The Green H.. (25)
Harper's Is.. (13)
Hart of Dix.. (11)
Land Of The.. (43)
Nightmare C.. (6)
Police Squa.. (6)
Pretty Litt.. (44)
Running Wil.. (13)
The Secret .. (8)

Thank you...