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No Media Center in Windows 10

IT Troll
News breaking this weekend is that Media Center will not be available or supported in Windows 10. First there was this wiki FAQ from a MVP, which states:

Is Media Center supported in Windows 10?

No. Persons who need to use Media Center should consider carefully before upgrading from their previous version of Windows. The Windows 10 upgrade will automatically remove any installations of Media Center.

So what are the alternatives if I need Media Center?

Your best option is to continue running your existing version of Windows with Media Center.

• Windows 7 editions that include Media Center will continue to be supported until January 2020.
• Windows 8 Pro with Media Center will continue to be supported until January 2023.

Then this report from ZDNet saying the same and citing their source as a Microsoft Executive.

I know we haven't had a update to RTVHD for well over a year and this news is hardly likely to encourage further development. However it would be really good to get one last update for those sticking with Media Center. Just to fix some of the outstanding bugs and perhaps add some of the small easy to implement feature requests.