Movies not being added to DB

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Movies not being added to DB


Yesterday, I noticed a bunch of movie titles that I know was in the database as "found" was not showing up under "unidentified".

When I look at the event viewer, I see a lot of entries with this:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.   at RecordedTVHDService.MovieXML.WriteMovieToDatabase()
   at RecordedTVHDService.Service1.CheckFileAndAddMetadata(String FilePath, SQLiteConnection sql_con)

The only thing that I recently changed, was with the Rovi Guide changeover, I was trying different methods of using separate guide service, which did create multiple entries of the same show (different MCID).

I also tried stopping the service, & renaming the original db file, & have it create a new one, but still doing the same thing.