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Metro Theme Suggestions

Gonna chime in here on metro. First off, it is by far my favorite theme!! I was thinking some possible additions or tweaks might make it even better would be:
1. Semi transparent Highlight box around current series selected instead of making the image larger. Making the image larger overlaps the nearby images and is sometimes hard to visually identify the selected series.

2. On the Main Page and the episode listing page there is a blue tint to the screen even though I have the grey background chosen and the black color, however the correct color is shown when you are on the season selection screen and the individual episode info screen.

3. On the season selection screen perhaps center the box art on the screen? The bottoms of the selected season overlap the information area even when the bottom information area is set as small as possible.

4. On the Episode information page, there seems to be a lot of wasted space on the left and right of the page. Not sure what would make it better but perhaps left justify and enlarge the box art and move the episode info and playback options on the rest of the right side? Not sure, just a thought.

Keep up the great work, I absloutely love this product and it is my favorite addition to MCE!!!