Filter Series completely watched to "Archived" or "Watched" list from "Title" header

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Filter Series completely watched to "Archived" or "Watched" list from "Title" header

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Backgrouind of usage:
I use the "Title" header as the main listing of shows.  I use some favorite lists just as a filter to see 1/2 hr shows or by a topic.  I have a few favorites (like for my son) that are set to not show in the "Titles"

I have a good number of shows that only list in the "Title" section and when the season ends and all episodes are watched they take up space for the 6-8 months till new episodes record.

Feature Request:
Can a filtering option be set to have series titles that have all episodes watched automatically be moved to a "Watched" list.  Once a new episode it recorded (so an unwatched episode exists) for the series it automatically switches back to the "Title" or any other favorites list it belongs to.

NOTE: It would be ideal if implemented to allow each user favorite list (and builtin lists: "Title", etc..) to opt in/out of this (so I can keep my son's favorites listing of series titles will still show fully watched series but if that show is in another favorite lists (say 1/2hr) that favorite list can have it disappear).

Rephased: If series is completely watched it always shows up in "Watched" list (can be shown/hidden like other built-in headers).  If "Title" or other built-in header or user favorite list has option enabled the watched series is not shown in that list.

Similar existing feature:
I looked all of existing features and you do allow for any user created favorite list to be hidden when a series is fully watched (or the series is hidden from the favorite list when fully watched).

While this is a similar feature it does not seem to work on series shown in the "Title" header listing or for the setting of the options as broad/general as desired.