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Display of scheduled shows no longer in guide

The scheduled shows view continues to display showings that had been scheduled
but are then pulled from the schedule.

Currently it is showing that two different episodes of Revolution tonight, at
the same time and on the same channel. One of those is the episode that is
currently scheduled to be shown tonight after being preempted last week by news
coverage from Boston. The other is the next episode which had originally been
scheduled to air tonight, but has since been replaced by the previously
mentioned episode.  Only the former episode shows up in the standard media
center view of scheduled recordings.

Originally only the episode that won't actually be aired/recorded showed up,
the episode that will air wasn't scheduled for automatic recording since it was
seen as a duplicate. I don't view this as a problem with RTVHD, but this bug
could have prevented me from realizing that this had happened.

I've also seen this in the past when the guide data switched between listing
back to back episodes of a program as separate items or one larger item.