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Q: Why aren't the commercial breaks showing up?
A:You must have some sort of commercial scanning software such as ShowAnalyzer and have DVRMSToolbox installed. Commercial Break Viewer pulls its information from the files the commercial scanning software creates and knows where to find those files based on the setting in DVRMSToolbox.

Q: When are the commercial breaks supposed to show up?
A: The commercial breaks should show on your screen as long as the commercials have properly been scanned when any of the following is true:
    * Show starts playing
    * Changing from pause to play or play to pause
    * Skip ahead or backwards in the recording (includes when an automatic commercial skip occurs)

Q: Why does it have a very short blue flash before showing the commercial breaks?
A: Due to limitations in Media Center programming, Commercial Break Viewer is done in a somewhat different way than you would expect. The small blue flash is something that probably will be there to stay. You will probably get used to it and not even notice it like I have, but if not you can shut it off in the settings.  Some slower computers might have a longer blue flash than faster ones.

Q: Why is there a delay before the commercial breaks are shown?
A: As stated in the answer prior, due to Media Center programming limitations the commercial breaks must be loaded and are not an integrated part of Windows Media Center.