Changing Header Categories Doesn't Work

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Changing Header Categories Doesn't Work

MJT Software
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There is an issue with Roboform and Media Center... Bayway explains it best...

This forum just saved me what 's left of my hair !!!! Roboform caused Recorded tv hd problems ,
and a mediabrowser and  Vista MCE Rss Reader problem (maybe more) ... MB and RssReader had a problem when you scrolled through menu's they would not highlight . It would be hard to know where you were . Especially in a music list . I use Rss Reader to listen to pod and vod cast ,, works great , especially now.
I have posted questions about these problems on the green button etc. with no success .

By the way , you do not have to turn off this roboform feature to get it to work, just add


to the applications black list(options--applications integration) , then roboform will ignore media center !!!!!

As i type this , just found another program that is fixed .... Macrotube64 from Jon at !!!

No telling how many people are dealing with this !!!!!

I was just about ready to load windows from scratch ,,, now all is well YEA !!!!!

Thanks Webb

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